My name is Rachel and I grew up on the West coast of Scotland, near Glasgow. A couple of my favourite things (apart from art stuff) are cute birds, spooky abandoned buildings, and little plants. I have an MSci degree in Zoology and love being outside so many of my art themes are to do with animals and nature.

I started writing my first comic, an anthropomorphic kid's horror called Terrifying Tails, in 2017 and loved the process. In 2018 I started writing my first long form comic, Lycan, an LGBT+ mystery drama werewolf comic which is still ongoing.

I go to a lot of comic conventions in Scotland and around the rest of the UK so don't be shy to come and talk if you see me at one.
Hope to see you there!


Convention schedule 2020

April 4th Raicon
April 18th Deecon
May 22nd-26th  Confuzzled

July 4th Glasgow Comic Con

          Hopefully more to be

                confirmed soon!