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Werewolf Urban Fantasy drama

/updates every second Wednesday/

Lycanthropy. An incurable virus affecting millions worldwide. With the right care and management, any lycanthrope can manage their condition - until now. Attacks have become frequent, lycanthropes unstable. It's up to newly-contracted Felix and his boyfriend Luca to find the answers before it's too late.


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Lycan is my ongoing SICBA award nominated webcomic series which started posting online in March 2018 and has recently passed 150 story pages. 
Please check it out using the links above, I also sell Lycan in 80 page volumes at conventions.



Scarecade is a 12 page dialogue free short comic created with only two colours. I wanted to try using a more retro aesthetic with printing marks and halftone shading.
Scarecade is available to buy as a printed version at conventions.

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Terrifying Tails was my first ever comic! It features 3 stories, anthology-style, and a cast of animal characters.
I'm hoping to make Terrifying Tails volume 2 soon!

Terrifying Tails

Helping hand _0000_Cover.jpg

Helping Hand is a 20 page watercolour comic about mental health, moving to a new city, and cats. 
It has no dialogue throughout and relies on symbolism and colour to tell the story.

Helping Hand is only available in print at conventions.

Helping hand  pg 12 and 13.jpg
Helping hand  pg 1 and 2.jpg


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Ratpack Collective

faemarket 2.jpg

I'm really pleased to be involved in Ratpack Collective, a group of talented comic artists and writers with out first project Faemarket which was funded through Kickstarter.

Please check out our twitter to keep up to date with future projects.


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